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VPN labs is an open community for researching, testing, reviewing, and discussing Virtual Private Networks. Get trusted, unbiased advice on just about everything related to VPN. For more detail check: How to use this site. VPN Labs - VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORKS - Free VPN Software and Virtual Private Network News.
VPN Software Clients and Software VPN Solutions

Do I need a hardware based or software based VPN?
How fast is the throughput of your Internet connection with respect to how fast your processor/software combination can encrypt/decrypt VPN traffic? If you dont want to experience VPN traffic jams, its important to have a VPN solution that can at least handle your connection speed. An ordinary computer will be able to handle most connections that are 1.5 Mbs or slower. Most SOHO VPN devices can handle 10 Mbps.

VPN software clients: Software VPN solutions:
The terminology may seem confusing because all VPNs run on some kind of software and hardware whether its a desktop computer, a Palm Pilot or some other commercial router. However when choosing a VPN solution one may consider downloading VPN software and running it on your own server or PC.

Do I want an OpenSource VPN solution?
If you want an inexpensive VPN solution, youll want to consider the Free S/WAN VPN solution as well as the OpenBSD and FreeBSD VPN software solutions.
Check out FreeS/WAN VPN for information on this Linux VPN solution.
Check out OpenBSD VPN for information on the OpenBSD VPN solution.
Check out FreeBSD VPN for information on the FreeBSD VPN solution.

Check out Astaro VPN for information on a Linux firewall/proxy filter/VPN solution. Download this free VPN solution from the site.

If you need more information on OpenSource VPN solutions check out Opensource VPN Solutions

Opensource Pros: Free and very secure. The Free S/Wan VPN software solution and the OpenBSD VPNsoftware solution offer industrial strength security. If you are comfortable using Linux or OpenBSD and your end users are comfortable using these operating systems, then these solutions can save you lots of cash and provide a great solution.

Opensource Cons: Support is not organized and one needs to use the bulletin boards to get help. Administrators and end users need to be comfortable with the underlying OS.

Commercial VPN software solutions:
  • Checkpoint offers VPN software as well as firewall software
  • Columbitech offers mobile VPN software client
  • Imperito - VPN software solution that requires a WinNT 4.0 or Win2k computer to act as the VPN concentrator.
  • Ip Dynamics VPN software called VP3 that eases the management of VPN
  • PGP VPN client software
  • Safenet VPN client software
  • SmoothWall Linux VPN software that can be downloaded for free.
  • Symantec Enterprise VPN software and Raptormobile VPN client
  • Wind River WindNet IPSec software
Remote Access software that isnt Ipsec based:
PuTTY: A free implementation of Telnet and SSH for the Win32 platform, along with an xterm terminal emulator. This software is great for connecting to another Windows computer from offsite. Download the software and leave it running on your computer. As long as your computer is left running you can access it from any other computer with PuTTY. Find out more about PuTTY and download it here.
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