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VPN labs is an open community for researching, testing, reviewing, and discussing Virtual Private Networks. Get trusted, unbiased advice on just about everything related to VPN. For more detail check: How to use this site. VPN Labs - VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORKS - Free VPN Software and Virtual Private Network News.
Linux VPN solutions
A guide to implementing a Linux VPN solution.

How to make a VPN using Linux
There are plenty of vpn resources, services and downloads available to make it easier building a Linux VPN solution. Also, more commercial VPN solutions are including interoperability and client support for Linux.

Roll your own Linux VPN
What youíll need: Computer running Linux:
FreeS/WAN recommends using the 2.2.18 kernel as of February 2001. FreeS/WAN does work on 2.4.2 kernel however itís a newer implementation and therefore they recommend you wait. If you have the 2.0.x kernel, FreeS/WAN recommends you update it to 2.2.x.

Need Linux, check out these sites:
• SuSE Linux
• RedHat Linux
• Free Linux direct from Linus
• Linux Home

New to Linux, go here:
• Linux Central
• Linux Getting Started
• Linux Intro
• Linux.org

VPN Software requirements
Linux FreeS/WAN: Linux Free S/WAN is an implementation of IPSEC and IKE for Linux. (*note*) Linux FreeS/WAN is in the process of being implemented into Linux IPV6. Free S/WAN is interoperable with most VPN implementations including OpenBSD VPN, FreeBSD VPN, NetBSD VPN, Cisco VPN Routers (1720, 2600, 3030, 3600, 4000, 4500, AS5300, 7200, 7500 and more), Nortel Contivity VPN switches, Raptor Firewall, Gauntlet firewall GVPN, Checkpoint Firewall-1, F-Secure VPN for Windows, Watchguard VPN, Xedia Access Point QVPN, PGP Mac and Windows Client, IRE Safenet SoftPK VPN client, Borderware Freegate and Timestep, Intel/Shiva LANrover, Sonicwall, Radguard VPN, Windows VPN clients, WinNT domains, and Win2k 2000 VPN. Download the FreeS/WAN VPN software, or mirror sites here.

Astaro Linux VPN solution
Astaro is a German company that bundled the FreeS/WAN VPN solution into a security suite that includes a firewall/VPN/proxy filter with NAT capabilities. You can download it for free here. There is also a commercial version that includes support.

FreeS/WAN resources:
How to make a Linux VPN with FreeSWAN using only dynamic IPs? If you have a dialup connection or a DHCP server youíll want to use this. English version, Deutsche version. Practical configurations for Linux FreeS/WAN 1.x
• Benefits of FreeS/WAN VPN solution: Free, secure, interoperable with major commercial VPN solutions, Free.
• Limitations of FreeS/WAN VPN solution: Support is limited, not as easy as commercial versions.

SmoothWall Firewall/VPN
SmoothWall Linux VPN is a free, hardened Linux VPN solution with firewall, NAT, DHCP and DNS Proxy server.
NIST IPSec Implementation for Linux
Linux PoPToP VPN implementation from Morton Bay, PPTP for Linux
Linux VPN using PPTP
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